Education services must be part of the plan

We met this morning with representations from the Department for Education, FACS and LAHC to discuss the current need for school provision in the area, concerns around the use of demountables at Alexandria Park School, and provision for children with special learning needs. Also on the table: how will education services meet the demands of an increasing population as the Waterloo redevelopment progresses?

Education agreed that there are shortcomings in their planning by not focusing specifically on children with special learning needs. They are going to do some research and get back to us. They also admitted that many mistakes have been made in the past – public land sell offs & local school closures have led to the present situation & the temporary solution of a ‘pop up school’.

What is most surprising in all this is that Education haven’t been involved in the redevelopment plans for Waterloo to date!! We raised education provision as a key issue at our previous meeting with Minister Hazzard. It’s good to see Education are now part of the redevelopment planning process. Next job – health!


  • 2 WPHAG reps will be involved in ongoing consultations with the education dept to get the best outcome for our children.
  • We called for transparent communication that acknowledges the history of education services in this community and hears the concerns of Waterloo’s Aboriginal communities.
  • Education for children with special learning needs in Waterloo is now a focus for the education department

If you have any concerns, comment here or send a private message and we’ll take them forward to the next meeting.



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