Waterloo Tent Embassy


The Waterloo tent embassy is volunteer run by Waterloo public housing tenants and supporters of the Waterloo community. Who don’t want to be evicted or removed by the Baird’s government’s gentrification from their Waterloo public housing homes, businesses and community.  To put an end to the trepidation we’ve all personally experienced for over six months as a culturally diverse community. By having our stability removed to personally make any solid plans for the security of our future through no fault of our own.

Doing this to any person is criminally violating their human rights and is inhumanly wrong. Keeping persons in the dark, telling them absolutely nothing like mushrooms being fed fodder. Even asking the cherry friendly staff at Waterloo Connects who all forcefully smile at you like they are about to tell you ‘Happy Birthday’ as reciting their patronising spiel and pointing at gentrified artist impressions and maps of the Baird Governments planned social cleansing of all Waterloo public housing are no different than asking a house brick.

You also the same response from the very high turnover of casual staff employed with public housing. Especially when reporting maintenance or domestic social issues that remain non repaired or unresolved no matter how many phone calls or emails you’ve sent, they remain non repaired or resolved.

After six months of no answers ‘enough is enough’ it’s time we all unitedly finally end this nonsense to get our stability back.  Come join us at the Waterloo tent embassy running daily until federal election on the 2nd of July. Sign the petition to put an end to the trepidation and show FACS and the NSW Baird Government you want stay in your Waterloo public housing homes and community.

By visually hanging a ‘WATERLOO NOT FOR SALE’ sign in your window to ‘URBACT RE- BLOCK’ all Waterloo public housing homes not knock them down to sell more government owned land to foreign developers and investors for gentrification.

Show the Baird government we are human beings and a united culturally diverse community.



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